Concrete Benches, Bollard & Pole Foundation

Concrete Benches

Supercon concrete bench with back rest and concaved seating offers a dependable place to rest and will be sure to withstand year of weathering and stand up against corrosion.
Constructed with steel rebar reinforced concrete, this bench is built to meet and exceed industry standards.

Pole Foundation

Supercon precast Pole Foundation is product to be made exactly to the specifications, and installed with ease. Pole foundation comes in several different textures, so not only will you have a reliable base, you’ll be getting the most consistent and best looking base out there! The octagonal pole base is simple by look, yet sophisticated design.

Concrete Bollard

Supercon bollards are a great way to combine safety and security with aesthetic Touch. It beautifies the sidewalks in and around business centers, downtown areas, parks, and any other area with pedestrian traffic.

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